Hands Down Massage


"Josiah has proved to be an excellent massage therapist. Excellent technique and intuitive application of pressure points and stretch therapy are standard experiences. A great sleep aid, I highly recommend him for anyone seeking a therapeutic massage."

Gale Higgs

Property Investor

"I've had weekly appointments with Josiah for several years. His massage techniques are well suited for my body as he offers a variety of modalities that are uniquely and creatively combined for my body's needs, making him one of the best CMT's I've ever hired!"


George Corbett

Oboe/English Horn Player

Virginia Symphony Orchestra

"Josiah is by far the most intuitive therapist I have worked with, he knows exactly what I need. He is reliable, respectable, and very professional. What's best is he comes to you! I highly recommend his services."

Ann Stevens


Studio Bamboo Institute of Yoga 

"Josiah has the ability to connect with your mind and body during his work. His care and attention to my body's details is comforting, and of a professional level. I work in a labor intensive environment, with travel and long days. I know my body's not always an easy fix, but he does it with a smile!"

Bobby Phillips



"Josiah is a wonderful and professional massage therapist who not only has great technical technique, but is mindful of any current issues that I am experiencing and will adapt the massage to best address these issues. He is energy conscious and promotes the mental well being that a massage can also provide through music, aromatherapy, and a calm and positive attitude."

Jacki Paolella

Owner/Operator of TAPTAP Recordings
Realtor at Keller Williams

"I am so happy I came across Josiah's webpage! He is the best massage therapist I've ever hired. He is very professional. I love the fact that he's flexible with scheduling and comes right to your house. He even brings aromatherapy to enhance the massage. He makes sure to cater to your needs, asking if you have any areas that need particular attention and makes sure he is using the right amount of pressure. I highly recommend him!"

Rachel Bishop

Administrative Assistant

US Govt